I am of the 3% of the population that knows the Universal codes. I give them in a dynamic way which means I channel them through my Higher Self for each session for each person at each point in time except for the codes which are Archetypal to us, meaning instinctual to us which we can use at any time. These Universal Codes take care of everything. Woundings from this lifetime, past lifetimes, things that have landed in all of your bodies including your soul, mental, emotional and physical body. Everything in the Universe including this planet including high vibrational feelings as well as time and space has a Universal Code attached to it. By using these codes on myself and others has resulted in us to rise to the frequency of being in Bliss. We cannot help but be happy and even laugh for no reason at all. One of my members even sings and dances around her house. How cool is that! Please CLICK HERE to book a session for Universal Codes in order to Embody Fifth Dimensional Expansion in the fastest, easiest and long-lasting way possible. I have also come across others who are the 3%, you may be as well!




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Humanity is in trouble.  We have been slapped in the face with many wake-up calls this past year of 2016. Not enough of humanity is responding to these wake-up calls. We were meant to support the New Earth. Divine intervention in coming in in many ways. I have come across in my own membership two Angel Walk-Ins – you may be one of them and just don’t know it. Several of the 3% that knows the Universal codes – you may be one of them and just don’t know it. If you are these are truly great gifts and your true mission. If you would like to know please CLICK HERE and set up a session for Universal Codes and I will ask your Higher Self both of these questions. You came to Light of the Planet in your own way! It is time to take action!

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Through my School of Awakening I opened a Podcast which I select the most unique speakers with the best quality offerings for you. You will not see the likes of them anywhere else. I also have put my own offerings up for half price.  You must join my Podcast in order to receive these offerings. Please click HERE to join my Podcast and you will be directed to my speakers at this time. 


In this Golden Era we naturally evolving. Integrating ego/body with soul. Integrating dark and light. Expanding our Consciousness to what we have been unconscious to. Awakening to what we have been asleep to. In Juliann Calvey’s School of Awakening, you will learn to expand your consciousness, live in Source Reality and in human form at the same time with the most ease and grace.

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Juliann Calvey is a Psychic Oracle Medium who guides you to Awaken to your Deepest Self. As a result of her sessions you will expand your consciousness to the 5th and beyond, you will become more En-Lightened and you will feel more Whole.

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